About Us

If you’ve been researching fitness franchise opportunities, it won’t take you long to realize that SOLDIERFIT stands out from the competition. Our business is growing fast because Americans everywhere respond to our unique methods. While our first locations were corporate-owned, we decided to break into the franchising space to give investors the opportunity to capitalize on our business model in their communities – and we’ve seen great results. We opened our doors in 2013 with two locations, and we’ve already expanded to 11 gyms with plans for 20 by the end of 2019! Let’s take a closer look at our brand, and a few of the qualities that make this opportunity so unique.

An Original Approach to Group Training

It’s no secret that the fitness industry is steadily growing, making now a great time to seek out gym franchises for sale. Of American adults, an estimated 20% have a fitness club membership, and that number is projected to grow. Group classes also are a thriving sector of the industry for a number of reasons – gym-goers appreciate the personalized guidance of a trainer who monitors their progress and encourages them to push themselves. They also love that classes give them the opportunity to keep their workouts fresh and exciting, without falling into the same old workout routine – a real risk when guiding yourself through the gym.

SOLDIERFIT’s group training is like nothing else on the market. Military boot camp has a reputation for being difficult. However, many recruits find that in spite of the difficulty, boot camp is a meaningful opportunity for self-improvement and bonding with others. We’ve developed a program inspired by these aspects of the boot camp experience to help our clients push themselves beyond what they thought was possible while also building relationships with their fellow members. What our “troops” overcome in the gym is a metaphor for the obstacles they’ll encounter in their daily lives.

At SOLDIERFIT, we’re not just about building physical fitness, but also mental acuity. We want our members to leave our gyms feeling empowered not only in class, but in their careers and family lives as well. At our gyms, it’s not about “me,” it’s about “we.” To reinforce this mindset, we don’t place mirrors in our studios! SOLDIERFIT clients focus on self-improvement through teamwork, so we work to discourage self-consciousness and vanity. This philosophy is one of the most significant differentiators from other fitness franchise opportunities.

One Simple Membership

Other gym franchises for sale often utilize multiple membership tiers. Different subscriptions allow clients access to different features and services. SOLDIERFIT keeps it simple by offering a single membership. For just $99 a month, our members have access to all 140-150 classes offered in our facility each month. It’s up to them how often they’d like to participate. Our competitors who also offer group training classes often charge two or three times this rate, making SOLDIERFIT a popular option.

Improving Life for Veterans

If giving back to our veterans is important to you, SOLDIERFIT might be just the franchisor you’ve been looking for. Our founders, Danny and Dave, also co-founded Platoon 22, a charity dedicated to ending veteran suicide. Through developing programs such as the Horse Experience, we’re always working to help veterans heal from traumatic experiences. We encourage our franchisees to work with us in supporting Platoon 22 so that we can expand our outreach. Furthermore, we also want to help veterans to find a meaningful new career, which is why we’re proud to offer veterans a 30% discount on our franchise fee. If you’re a veteran, or if you’re passionate about helping them to thrive in civilian life, SOLDIERFIT stands out from other fitness franchise opportunities.

As you can see, SOLDIERFIT strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our members and our communities as a whole. If you’re looking to go into business for yourself and are passionate about helping others, SOLDIERFIT stands out from other gym franchises for sale. For more information about investing in a SOLDIERFIT franchise, contact us today!