Have you been thinking of buying a gym franchise? Partnering with SOLDIERFIT is a great way to make your mark on the fitness industry while standing out from the competition. Our health club franchises stand out for many reasons, and the classes we offer our members are anything but run of the mill. But if you’ve found your way here, you probably have some questions about making an investment in a franchise of your own. Below are a few of the questions we’re most frequently asked by interested investors!

How much will it cost me to open a SOLDIERFIT?

All in all, opening a single SOLDIERFIT health club franchise is projected to cost between $144,000-$299,00 depending on factors such as the cost of real estate in your area and buildout of your space. This includes our $30k franchise fee, which grants you access to our brand name and business model. It also includes factors like the necessary equipment, a lease, buildout, and more! If you do research on the cost of starting a gym with one of our competitors, we think you’ll find that this investment cost is relatively low for our industry.

Am I the type of person SOLDIERFIT is looking for as a potential franchisee?

SOLDIERFIT is a good fit for anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life physically and mentally. Our military-inspired classes might leave some investors wondering if we solely appeal to veterans, but the truth is that our business model is a good fit for all kinds of people! Our emphasis on teambuilding, “we” instead of “me,” and personal growth rather than vanity is a refreshing change from many other gyms. We strive to be inclusive, and people of all races, genders, and backgrounds have already made SOLDIERFIT health club franchises their source for workouts and fun.

If I don't have business experience in the fitness industry, can I still open a SOLDIERFIT?

Our franchisees come from many different backgrounds! The one thing they have in common is a passion for physical fitness. We’re not looking for franchisees from any one background – whether you have experience running your own business or not, our comprehensive training and support program can get you up-to-speed on what it takes to operate one of our health club franchises. We want to make the processes of buying a gym franchise — and running it! — as simple as possible for you!

What will draw my customers into my SOLDIERFIT gym?

When buying a gym franchise or any new business, it’s important to ensure that customers are getting something special from you that they can’t get from the competition. Our gyms offer around eight classes per day, all inspired by military boot camp, and all teaching different skills and techniques. Our members are welcome to attend as many classes as they’d like, all for the low price of $99 a month. Competing gyms that offer a similar package charge two or three times this much, making SOLDIERFIT a great bargain for anyone. This great pricing, combined with our unique take on fitness, makes us stand out in the industry.

What can I anticipate to measure my success when I open a SOLDERFIT?

The best way to learn about our company history is to review our franchise disclosure document (FDD), which gives details on the performance of each of our locations. You can contact us to request a copy today! In a nutshell, SOLDIERFIT’s rapid growth speaks for itself. We opened our doors in 2013 with just two locations, and today there are 11 total locations with more on the way. Since we opened our business up to franchising, we’ve experienced growth because our unique concept is in-demand everywhere.

These are just a few questions about buying a gym franchise with SOLDIERFIT that we hear regularly. If your question wasn’t listed above, contact us today! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about this exciting franchise opportunity.