How much does a franchise investment cost, anyway? If you’ve been wondering, you’ve come to the right place. Starting any new business requires a significant investment, and starting a great franchise is no different. The benefit of partnering with a well-established brand like SOLDIERFIT is that we have a lot of experience opening new locations, and we’ve gotten the process down to a science. This helps to ensure that our franchisees know just what they need to spend money on and can avoid common pitfalls faced by new business owners. Let’s take a closer look at a few important parts of your investment in a SOLDIERFIT franchise.

Your Franchise Fee

Some entrepreneurs view franchise fees as unnecessary and cumbersome gym franchise costs, and explore opening an independent business to avoid them. However, your one-time franchise fee allows you access to a number of valuable resources. For SOLDIERFIT franchisees, these resources have the potential to save them inestimable money in the long run. Your $40,000 franchise fee is due at the time you sign your franchise agreement, and helps cover costs associated with marketing your new business, teaching you our time-tested business model, finding your instructors and the perfect location, and more! Moreso, you should consider the franchise fee more like a licensing fee for access to our established brand and proven, turnkey business model. Since you don’t need to waste time and money figuring these things out for yourself, this fee ensures that you’ll start off strong.

Ongoing Royalties

Another important figure to factor into your gym franchise costs are the ongoing royalties you’ll pay to SOLDIERFIT. Independent business owners spend a lot of their own time and money conducting market research, developing marketing materials, streamlining their practices, and so forth. SOLDIERFIT franchisees don’t need to worry about concerns like these! Your regular royalty payment of 6% of your gross income allow our corporate team to continue to support you in these and a number of other ways.

Total Estimated Initial Investment

If you’ve been wondering “How much does a gym franchise cost?” you’re probably curious to know about the total estimated initial investment. The total cost to open a SOLDIERFIT franchise varies greatly depending on a number of factors, such as where you’ll be operating and how large your facility is. Working with our team and reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the best way to learn what you’ll likely need to invest. However, we know from experience that our franchisees typically spend $144k-$300k (including their franchise fee) to get their facility up and running. That’s why we ask our prospective franchisees to have a net worth of around $300k in order to manage their initial investment. This initial investment includes just about everything you’ll need to start your business, including a lease on a facility, the cost of remodeling and buildout, computer and software systems, inventory, and more.

These are just a few of the gym franchise costs you should anticipate when partnering with SOLDIERFIT. The best way to learn more about the investment is to contact us so we can work with you directly and get a better idea of operational costs in your area.