Sep 29

6 Mission Fit to Own Finalists, 4 Days Left: Have YOU voted?

For the last several months, we’ve been hosting a franchise giveaway contest for qualified U.S. Veterans. With hundreds of applicants spanning the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, National Guard and more, SOLDIERFIT has selected the top six finalists. The finalists are: Laurie Artis, James Cummings, Jaron Eckhart, Dominic Morano, Andronico Recasas and Jason Parrotte. And they […]

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Sep 21

Should You Exercise While Sick?

After weeks of faithful gym attendance, nothing can seem more debilitating than a sudden illness. As if feeling sick isn’t tough enough, mustering up the motivation to return to your fitness routine post-recovery can cause even more stress. For some gym regulars, the mere thought of a derailed workout schedule is just too much to fathom. In many […]

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Sep 15

Mission: Fit to Own Finalists

Laurie Artis Laurie Sayles Artis originally from Chicago now lives in Bowie, Maryland and is establishing a multi­million dollar business that provides professional services to both government and commercial companies. As a 20+ year military Veteran, Artis has seen firsthand just how difficult the military to civilian transition can be. [gap size=”10px”] Her company, Civility […]

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