Jun 10

Creating a Fitness Franchise Unlike Any Other

Over the past five years, franchised fitness establishments and gyms have grown throughout the United States, as more people crave healthy lifestyles. While several large concepts dominate the franchised fitness marketplace, there is hope for smaller ones, particularly those who change the way people think about working out and help members accomplish goals through innovative exercise platforms.

This is our goal at SOLDIERFIT. Our members find that SOLDIERFIT offers value they won’t find at another gym. While we are a military-inspired, fully functional fitness center, you won’t hear our trainers yelling orders at members. Instead, we take team building values and lessons about perseverance from the military, instilling these values in our members through positive guidance, encouragement and a non-judgmental atmosphere. We’re here to help.

Our franchisees will find they have access to a multitude of excited and hard-working members, ready to learn military values, teamwork, and perseverance. Through functional fitness, kid’s fitness, yoga, and personal training, we help each and every member reach they’re goals, and we seek franchisees who share this drive to help their “troops.”

As a SOLDIERFIT franchisee, your members are your family, military unit, and support group rolled into one. Our motto, “pride, not ego,” reflects our never-ending desire to help everyone reach their full potential and be proud of their accomplishments.

If you are interested in helping build a fitness franchise that goes above and beyond the normal fitness establishment or gym, and helps each person who walks through the door, contact the SOLDIERFIT franchise team at (240) 479-4348 or email