Aug 27

Tips to Help Keep You Motivated to Stay in Shape

Working out doesn’t do much if you aren’t consistent. Without a regular routine, it’s easy for your muscle to melt away and for the fat to come back. At the same time, staying motivated isn’t the easiest thing to do. These tips will help keep you motivated so you can stay fit and healthy without getting bored.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Remember what you’ll gain by exercising regularly and why you started in the first place. Maybe your goal is to reduce your risk of health conditions, gain strength, or look and feel better – both physically and mentally. Maybe it’s a promise you’ve made to your kids, a loved one or to yourself. Whatever your reason, write it down and reexamine it when you need a motivation boost.

Make it a Team Effort with a Personal Trainer or Group Classes

While it is way too easy to make excuses and let yourself off the hook from a workout, being held accountable with personal and/or group training can help you stay on the right track. Also, while many people get frustrated from seeing little to no results and boring workouts, a personal trainer and/or a team will adapt your workout so you can keep seeing results and mix up your routine. A group class is another great way to stay motivated, have fun, and get the results you want.

Make Fitness Easy

When you have obstacles in your way, working out can seem like a battle that’s easy to give up on. Taking some steps to make exercising easier will help you stay with it. For example, have your workout clothes and equipment easily accessible. Also, have go-to workouts you can count on. Put working out into your schedule and stick with it, even if you have to change the intensity of the workout.

Make Goals and Track Workouts

Instead of working out with no objective, make concrete goals for your workouts. It helps to have long-term and short-term goals to help you get there. Your goals could be focused on the length of your workouts, the intensity, how many calories you burn or how much weight to lose. Or maybe you want to focus on fitting into certain clothes, tightening your body or competing in a fitness contest. It’s up to you. Track your progress by writing it down or using technology. Pay attention to your patterns — celebrate the successes and learn from the off-days.

Here at SOLDIERFIT, we’ve made it our goal to help you achieve yours. Learn more about the classes and programs we offer and for tips to stay motivated and how to be SOLDIERFIT!