Mar 30

We’re a Veteran Friendly Franchise!

Owning a bootcamp gym franchise presents a great opportunity to grow your own business while still having the backing and support of an established brand. If you’re a veteran, you may have what it takes to be a great fitness franchisee. Why? Because you have the skill set and dedication it takes to see something through to completion. Nurturing a vision and investing in its growth is a huge aspect of owning and operating a fitness center. It can also serve you well as you work with others to achieve their own fitness goals.

In our mission to help passionate owner-operators break into the growing U.S. health club market, we’re proud to offer qualified military veterans a 50 percent discount on the initial franchise fee when they invest in our bootcamp gym franchise.

Additionally, owner-operators of a SOLDIERFIT franchise can expect to benefit from a full suite of ongoing franchise support services as they work with our team to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality, including:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Site selection recommendations
  • Inventory guidance and access to top-notch equipment vendors
  • Local marketing assistance

Investing in a bootcamp gym franchise can allow you to stir up a passion for health and fitness in your community. Not to mention, you’ll receive the expert guidance of long-time fitness advocates who have a reputation for excellence in their field.

We know what you bring to the table: a strong work ethic, a keen eye for detail, and a high regard for teamwork and camaraderie that we seek to share with our troops. With this in mind, we’ve designed a veteran friendly franchise program that helps you overcome some of the biggest obstacles to entrepreneurship while channeling your unique skills to make an impact in this industry.

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