Jul 14

Why Veteran Discounts Are a Crucial Part of Franchising

As a military-inspired fitness organization, it makes sense that SOLDIERFIT would offer veteran discounts on a franchise location. Is it an important aspect of our franchise model? Absolutely. Here’s why:

  • As of 2014, there were nearly 22 million military veterans in the United States. No doubt, many of those vets have considered starting their own business. Having a veteran franchise discount in place could be the difference between veterans being able to follow their entrepreneurial dreams or not being able to afford the opportunity to do so.
  • Extending a hand to those who have served our country and put their lives on the line adds tremendous value to any franchise concept. Veterans need our support, just as we need theirs. Helping vets who struggled and fought for our freedom should be a no-brainer, and it is important to instill this value and appreciation for their service into every employee.
  • Veterans are accustomed to working in an incredibly structured system. They not only go by the code of conduct – military men and women give their all on a daily basis and deliver loyalty, duty, selfless service and integrity. This positions veterans as ideal franchisee candidates.

Veterans deserve our support and respect. At SOLDIERFIT, we offer a 50 percent discount on franchise opportunities, so veterans are able to afford their own business and grow with the SOLDIERFIT family.

We are also in the middle of a unique franchise giveaway for veterans called Mission: Fit to Own. Please encourage any veterans you know to visit IamSoldierFit.com to find out how they can become the next SOLDIERFIT owner!

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